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March 20, 2020

Local 219 membership,

Construction has been declared “essential” work and will be exempt from Illinois Governor Pritzker’s “stay home” order. Members in the construction and other associated industries ARE PERMITTED TO continue working.

As we learn more, we will update this page.

4/14/2020 – Update

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine


The Shelter In Place executive order made Friday afternoon by Governor Pritzker takes effect this evening (3/21/2020) at 5pm.

The Executive Order 2020-10 Section 12 (h) includes our industry in the “Critical Trades” under the “Essential Business and Operations” exemption. This exemption allows our members and contractors to continue working. We have received several questions regarding this exemption.

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Does this mean I should go to work?
A: Everyone should be taking extra precautions in our daily lives, including work. Your employer, our members and anyone else we come in contact with while working should be following these recommendations for the construction industry;

• Create at least 6 feet of space between workers by staging/staggering crews to prevent droplet spread.

• Plan for office staff to have the ability to work from home.

• Provide soap and running water on all jobsites for frequent handwashing. If that is impossible, provide hand sanitizer.

• Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces on job sites and in offices—such as hand rails, door knobs, and portable toilets—frequently, per CDC guidelines:

• If you work in healthcare facilities, train your workers in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA). For information on CPWR’s ICRA training program, visit:

Q: Can my employer assign me work?
A: Yes

Q: Do I have to go to work?
A: If you do not feel safe, you are never required to go to work. The construction industry is naturally hazardous. At times we work in extreme weather, we work around fall hazards and other situations that can become dangerous each and every day. We train and prepare to manage our exposure to these hazards. We cannot work in fear rather we work smart, we work safe and our employers work with us to create an environment that manages exposure to these hazards. The COVID-19 virus is another real hazard that we must manage.